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August 27, 2008
Inflation day !!

Sept. 7, 2008.
Interior walk through. First stage of the insulating urethane foam sprayed on and the rebar hangers installed.

Note: The end segment of the movie is with the lights turned off. The mid afternoon Las Vegas sun still lights the interior through the cutout areas. The interior temperature has gone down quite a bit already due to the foam. The only air conditioning at this time is an outside portable swamp cooler connected to an inflation fan duct between the airlock and the dome.

Sept. 7, 2008.
Exterior walk around. The bright Nevada sun adds sunspots to the video that make it look like the lens is dirty. The outlines of the cutouts are traced by lines of interior framing pop rivets.

The interior with only the sunlight shining against the cutouts.

The same scene with the inside work light on. Another coat of foam sprayed.

Some footage shot showing a very rare occurrence in the Vegas valley. It actually sprinkled a bit this day. Most days the sky is a clear deep blue.

09/13/08. The foaming is complete and the rebar is started.

More rebar detail.

September 18, 2008. Smurf tubing & electrical boxes being put into the finished rebar. We have much more rebar than is required in most parts of the world. Las Vegas Valley is an earthquake prone area, which requires more rebar and our dome is over-engineered well beyond the code requirements for additional safety. We should be able to withstand ANYTHING mother nature or man can throw at us.
Note: The last few seconds show the neat laser device Ray uses to ensure that electrical boxes are exactly where they should be.

More footage of the finished rebar and the electrical installation. Most of the electrical, modem/TV cable, phone cable and ethernet cable will be in the first floor ceiling and interior walls.

The Interior during the first shotcrete day.

The interior after the shotcrete has dried, the lower walls have been smoothed and the cut outs have been opened. It's starting to look like a house finally and you wouldn't believe how many people stop to ask about it.

An exterior walk around of the dome with cut outs open. Su-z has already done newspaper interviews for the Las Vegas Review Journal (The daily Vegas paper) and the Las Vegas View. (A free regional newspaper) We will try to add them to the web site as they become available.

An interior walk through of the dome in its present state of construction, Christmas day, 2008.

The view from our dome taken on a smoggy day.

New Years 2009 fireworks as seen from our balcony.

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