September 3-4, 2008

The front of the dome showing the outlines of cutouts facing the streets

Inside the dome looking at the outlines of the front cutouts.

The bottom left cutout is where the front door will be. The cutout on on the right is for the 2 windows for the downstairs master bedroom or in our case the office.

The one on the scaffolding was spraying a nasty smelling glue in preparation for spraying the foam. The cutout frames on the right are the back door and upstairs balcony opening.

This picture is using only the sunlight as it shines through the airform.

Shows parts of all 6 of the front cutouts. I think there may have been a light shining on the left side of the picture.

All 6 of the outlined front cutouts with the large halogen work lights shining on them. The light source really changes the color of the airform.

These 2 pictures show the arms embracing the back porch. They can be used to sit on or to put things on.

Ray is cleaning out his hoses

The dome seen from the front of the property.

Ray's big work trailer.

The dome seen from the southwest.

The back of the dome seem from the southeast. Notice the street light appearing to stick out of the center of the dome.

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